Custom Content Strategy

The only strategy you need for your Instagram, Threads, Facebook, or LinkedIn account.There is a lot of bad advice out there that makes content creation seem overly complicated and confusing.My goal is to make it simpler.To do this, we have to start with the very basics - your strategy.

How will the strategy help me on social media?Have you tried making your content do it all (reach a new audience, grow your followers, AND sell your services)?Are you having a hard time figuring out what to post next?Are you creating content the day it's due, with no specific goal in mind?This is the reason why you need a custom strategy for your business.

Custom strategy created especially for you:✓ Makes choosing CTAs easy
✓ Directs each action to a specific goal
✓ Improves your efforts in social media
✓ Provides insight into what data to look at
✓ Lets you stop guessing what to post next
✓ Allows you to freely experiment with content
Don't be fooled! Many social media "gurus" offer to use their marketing plans instead of a marketing strategy.A strategy is what you want to achieve to reach your goals, not posting Reels 3x a week or simply posting educational content.

If you want to increase the number of followers, build an engaged community, and easily sell your services on social media, then a content strategy designed specifically for your business is what you need.What is included in the strategy?✓ One-hour consulting call before creating a strategy✓ What is a strategy and why do you need one✓ Buyers' path from seeing you to making a purchase✓ Content strategy✓ Content pillars✓ Examples of content for each stage of the strategy✓ The process of generating countless content ideas✓ How to strategically publish content 3 times a week✓ Calls to action (CTA) specially tailored to the strategy✓ Data to look at✓ How to implement strategy in Stories✓ One hour-long consulting call after receiving the strategy

Turn your social media account into a powerful marketing tool!Book a free 30 min. consulting call with me to discuss your social media needs and learn how my custom content strategy will transform your business.

Custom content strategy is for you if:✓ Follower engagement is low
✓ It's difficult for you to create new content
✓ You try to reach as many people as possible
✓ You are not achieving your goals on social media
✓ You only post content when you're in the right mood
✓ You don't have a structure to generate new content ideas
✓ You don't have a content strategy or the existing one is not delivering results
You can be a personal brand, company, coach, agency, business owner, entrepreneur, etc.If you want a reliable, uncomplicated content strategy and to see better results from your social media activities, then the custom content strategy is what you need.

Your investment 
Paying up-front599 USD
Partial Payment232 USD x3

FAQsHow much of my time will this take?
The offer includes 2 consulting calls, each 1 hour long.
Strategy development takes 2 to 4 weeks. I will take care of this.Your task will be to implement this strategy in life.Will you also create the content for me to publish on social media?
No! I will create a content strategy; I will teach you how to use it; I will give you content ideas for each stage of marketing. But you will create the content yourself.
Sounds great! What's the next step?
Great! Book a free consulting call so we can discuss the next steps.